The Cozzolani Project

The Cozzolani Project

Recognized during her lifetime as one of the finest composers in Italy, Chiara Margarita Cozzolani spent her entire adult life within the four walls of the musically famous convent of Santa Radegonda in Milan. Contemporary accounts describe the huge crowds that filled the exterior church of the convent to hear the angelic voices of nuns singing Cozzolani’s passionate and ecstatic music.

In 2000, Magnificat and Musica Omnia began recording the complete works of Chiara Margarita Cozzolani. The Cozzolani Project is a continuation and expansion of that venture that will eventually make all of Cozzolani’s surviving compositions available as streaming audio and digital download. In addition to the recordings we seek to promote a wider appreciation and deeper understanding of Cozzolani’s life and music and the cultural context in which she lived.¬†This website will serve as a resource of information about Cozzolani, scholarly work on music in convents in Italy and other related areas of study, news about performances¬† and publications of her music and other material related to this remarkable composer.

The recordings will be released on physical CDs, with Volume I, a complete recording of Cozzolani’s 1650 collection Salmi a otto voci released as a double CD at the Berkeley Early Music Festival in June 2010 and Volume II, her 1642 collection Concerti Sacri also a double CD, due in June 2013.

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